JOSHUA GIULIANO is a Los Angeles based horror filmmaker. Giuliano was terrified of everything as a boy… and he loved to inflict that feeling upon others. Over time, his fears subsided, but his need to frighten and entertain remained. Now, whenever he works on a new project, he is always searching to recreate that visceral feeling of terror he constantly experienced as a child.

Giuliano moved to Los Angeles in 2012 directly after graduating from Taylor University, a small liberal arts college in Indiana where he obtained a BA in filmmaking. Less than a year later, he was accepted as one of the younger directing fellows at the American Film Institute Conservatory. His thesis film, THE FLESH OF MY LOVERS, screened at festivals worldwide and garnered numerous awards.

Giuliano continued to work on more projects after AFI, the most notable being IN SOUND, WE LIVE FOREVER, runner-up for best short film at the 2019 Fantasia International Film Festival. 

He is set to direct RIVER, a feature length adaptation of IN SOUND, WE LIVE FOREVER, for Tango Entertainment, with Eat the Cat producing.