JOSHUA GIULIANO is a Los Angeles based filmmaker with a penchant for horror. His love for the genre began as a child in the basement of his grandparents' New York country house, where his father would set up a pair of lawn chairs, kill the lights, and screen classic horror films for the impressionable young boy, who usually became too frightened to watch through to the end. He eventually utilized that experience as inspiration for his own nefarious purposes by endlessly scheming up ways to terrorize his friends and family.

Giuliano moved to Los Angeles in 2012, directly after graduating from Taylor University, a small liberal arts college in Indiana where he obtained a BA in filmmaking. Less than a year later, he was accepted as one of the younger directing fellows at the prestigious American Film Institute Conservatory. His thesis film, THE FLESH OF MY LOVERS, has screened at festivals worldwide and garnered numerous awards.

Giuliano proceeded to work on more projects after AFI, the most notable being GRANDMA'S HOUSE, which was an official selection at the 2018 Cleveland International Film Festival and was recently released online.

He currently has multiple feature-length horror screenplays in various stages of development.